The WeStep 650 loads shaft parts up to 650 mm length and chuck parts up to 260 mm diameter.

The parts are fed in pallets, which are drawn in and processed by a chain conveyor. Using NC technology, the pallet is indexed under the line gantry. When the pallet has been processed, the pallet is placed on the upper finished parts conveyor and removed at the operator’s side. Thanks to flexible and quickly convertible grippers and pallets, the WeStep is particularly suitable for small batch sizes.

  • Process integration: Processes such as blowing-off, measuring, and deburring can be integrated in a small space. For more complex processes it is possible to enlarge the cell on the right side with an extension module.
  • Fast changeover to other part types: thanks to our fast changeover system and image-guided changeover wizard you can switch to other part types in practically no time.


Technical data:
Suitable for workpieces which are clamped in the chuck in the machine.
Suitable for workpieces which are clamped between the centres in the machine.
Number of pallets on belt 5
Autonomy example chuck part Ø80 L80 75 pcs.
Autonomy example shaft part Ø40 L170 40 pcs.
Max. dimension chuck part Ø260 L100 (up to5 kg)*
Max. dimension shaft part Ø100 L650 (up to15 kg)*
*Machine-specific limitations. Larger
dimensions and higher weights on request.
Workpiece change time double gripper ca. 6-10 s
Workpiece change time single gripper ca. 15-20 s
Without machine clamping times, depending on part weight
Traversing speeds bis 4m/s
Foot print 1600×2650 mm
Height 2150 mm
Weight ca. 2.0 t
Air pressure
Air consumption
Backup fuse
Max. Power consumption
6 bar
50 l/min
3×400 VAC
25 A
5 kW


Further information on YouTube


PDF Brochure WeStep