The WePace is used for small to medium workpiece sizes and can be used for a variety of cylindrical grinding machines. The handling is based on a FANUC 6-axis robot mounted on a rail.

The workpieces are fed via two drawers in 400x600mm format. An additional drawer is integrated as standard for SPC/NOK parts.



  • Process integration: Processes such as blowing off, measuring and deburring can be integrated in a small space.
  • Quick changeover to other part types: Thanks to our quick-change system and image-guided changeover assistant, you can change over to other part types in no time at all.


Technical specifications:
Suitable for workpieces which are clamped in the chuck in the machine.
Suitable for workpieces which are clamped between the centers in the machine.
Number of drawers 2
Max. dimension chuck part Ø100 L100 (up to 5 kg)*
Max. dimension shaft part Ø100 L300 (up to 15 kg)*

*Machine-specific restrictions. Larger
dimensions and higher weights on request.

Workpiece changeover time double gripper ca. 6-10 s
Workpiece changeover time single gripper ca. 15-20 s
Without machine clamping times, depending on part weight
Floor plan 1500×1400 mm
Height 2150 mm
Weight ca. 1.5 t
Air pressure
Air consumption
Back-up fuse
Max. Power consumption
6 bar
50 l/min
3×400 VAC
25 A
5 kW