Flexibility is key – as you probably don’t know right now which parts you’ll need to machine in the future. With the WeFlex, you don’t need to. The interchangeable gripper heads allow changeovers between shaft and chuck parts in no time.

Further benefits of WeFlex:
  • Image-based setup wizard to save time and avoid incorrect settings
  • Ready to integrate pre- and post-process stations
  • Energy monitoring and optimisation
  • Industry 4.0-ready thanks to standard operating and process data logging
  • Intuitive operation


Technical data:
WeFlex 600 WeFlex 1000
Suitable for workpieces which are clamped in the chuck in the machine.
Suitable for workpieces which are clamped between the centres in the machine.
Number of pallet storage spaces: 9 + 1x SPC/NOK 9 + 1x SPC/NOK
Autonomy example chuck part Ø 80 L80: 216 pcs 300 pcs
Autonomy example shaft part Ø40 L170: 96 pcs 192 pcs
Pallet size (inside dimension): 400x600mm 400x1000mm
Max. dimension chuck part: Ø260 L100 (up to 5 kg) Ø260 L100 (up to 5 kg)
Max. shaft part dimension:
*with geometry check possibly up to Ø260 possible
Ø100* L600 (up to 15 kg) Ø100* L1000 (up to15 kg)
Traversing speeds: bis 4m/s bis 4m/s
Foot print: 2820x2020mm 3160x2300mm
Height: 2300mm 2300mm
Weight: ca. 2.5t ca. 3t
Air pressure:
Air consumption:
Backup fuse:
max. power consumption:
3×400 VAC
3×400 VAC




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PDF Brochure WeFlex